Bitdefender Total Security (PC, Android, Mac, iOS) (5 Devices, 3 Months) – GLOBAL

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Bitdefender Total Security (PC, Android, Mac, iOS) (5 Devices, 3 Months) – GLOBAL

Bitdefender Total Security is your ultimate shield against digital threats, spanning across PCs, Android devices, Macs, and iOS devices. Safeguard up to 5 devices with this comprehensive security suite for 3 months, ensuring uninterrupted protection and peace of mind. With Bitdefender’s cutting-edge behavioral threat detection, ransomware attacks are thwarted before they can encrypt your valuable files. Embrace worry-free browsing and computing with Bitdefender Total Security.

Superior Performance, Unmatched Protection

Bitdefender Total Security outperforms its competitors in both protection and performance impact. Safeguard your devices from malware without experiencing any slowdown. This security solution leverages innovative technologies to combat sophisticated malware and zero-day attacks effectively. With Bitdefender, your important documents are shielded from ransomware encryption, ensuring your data’s integrity and security.

Comprehensive Security Features for Total Peace of Mind

One-Stop Protection

Protect all your devices seamlessly without compromising their speed or efficiency. Bitdefender Total Security consolidates security measures into one easy-to-manage solution, keeping your digital life safe.

Advanced Threat Detection

Bitdefender employs state-of-the-art threat detection mechanisms to stop even the most sophisticated malware in its tracks, providing you with a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.

Ransomware Protection

Rest easy knowing that Bitdefender’s multi-layer ransomware protection keeps your files safe from unauthorized encryption attempts, preserving your data’s confidentiality and accessibility.

Secure VPN for Privacy

Enjoy complete online anonymity with Bitdefender’s secure VPN, offering 200 MB of data per day per device. Safeguard your internet activities and maintain privacy wherever you go.

Parental Controls

Ensure your children’s safety online with advanced parental control features. Bitdefender allows you to monitor and restrict your kids’ online activities, shielding them from inappropriate content and potential risks.

Minimal System Impact

Experience uninterrupted performance with Bitdefender’s minimal impact on your system. Unlike other security software, Bitdefender Total Security ensures robust protection without compromising your device’s speed.

Warning! Can only be used if you have never redeemed Bitdefender on your account before.


  • After successfull activation you can use the product worldwide.
  • A free Bitdefender Central online account is required for activation. You can activate this product in your existing Central account too.
  • For the activation no payment data (credit cards, PayPal, bank data etc) are required.
  • Windows ARM-based processors are not supported (yet).

In order to activate:

  • Go to Central website:
  • Register a new account and login.
  • Click on ‘My Subscription’ tab on the left.
  • Then, click on ‘Activation Code’ button in the top right and enter your code.
  • You will be able to see your subscription in ‘My Subscriptions’ tab.
  • To install the program, go to “My Devices” tab on the left bar and click on “Install Protection


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